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Barnochata Package

Deluxe Bed Rooms

We would be happy to offer a break to people from their daily regular life and spend some time with nature. In that note we welcome you all.air conditioning system, Wi-Fi facilities, in-house Jacuzzi, Balcony, Garden view, Telephone, Cable channels, Flat-screen TV, Air conditioning, Free toiletries, Bathroom Slippers, Mini bar, Electric kettle, Wake-up service, Alarm clock and more.

  • Full air- Conditioned rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24 hours Room Service
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • 100% Safety
  • comfortable slippers


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Our Dining Room

Light yourself with the best local cuisine at Barnochata Resort. Looking for somewhere to enjoy a quick, relaxed and great value meal before heading to a cultural show or boardroom meetings, then the Barnochata restaurant offers an exclusive menu. We have a large dinning room with capacity of 50 persons.  Our exclusive menu for boardroom meetings, conferences, training seminars, gaya holud, birthday party and wedding ceremony. Enjoy all these benefits and relax in the most sophisticated lounge of the city Dhaka.

Why Us

It is only 7 km far from Uttara Model Town. One can reach from Dhaka by road within 30-40 minutes. It is very near to the EPZ which makes it the best choice for the foreigners of EPZ to stay here at night & enjoy our services. All the spots are green, shady, clean, calm and free of public presence. These spots are perfect for any family get together and organizational assembly.

One can enjoy an enchanting picturesque beauty, enormous green, gentle breeze, chirping of birds, sweet smell of wild flowers and herbs. Nature is ready to unveil its enormous wealth in removing your fatigue and refreshing your mind.


কিভাবে যাবেন বর্ণচ্ছটা রিসোর্ট?


বর্ণচ্ছটা রিসোর্টে যাওয়ার সহজ রুট হল ২ টি।

রুট – ১‍‌: ঢাকা থেকে আবদুল্লাহপুর এসে বেরিবাধ রোড ধরে আশুলিয়া-জিরাবো বাস স্টেশন হতে পূর্ব দিকে মা হোটেলের গলি (কাশিমপুর রোড) হয়ে মুন্সি মার্কেটের পর বর্ণচ্ছটা রিসোর্ট।

রুট – ২‍‌:  ঢাকা থেকে মিরপুর-১/গাবতলী মাজার রোড এসে বেরিবাধ রোড ধরে আশুলিয়া-জিরাবো বাস স্টেশন হতে পূর্ব দিকে মা হোটেলের গলি (কাশিমপুর রোড) হয়ে মুন্সি মার্কেটের পর বর্ণচ্ছটা রিসোর্ট।

যার জন্য যেই রুটটি সুবিধা সে সেই রুট দিয়ে আসতে পারেন।

We are in business to meet our customer’s needs.

We are here to fulfill our customer’s needs.

Integrity in words and actions.

You will find integrity in our words and actions.

Respect for our guests and each other.

We have respect for our guests and each other.

Service- Oriented mindset.

We have service oriented mindset to our valuable clients.

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