• Scenic outdoor swimming pool at Barnochata, a premium Dhaka hotel and resort in Savar, framed by tall trees and clear skies.

    Swimming Pool

    The swimming pool features multi-colored LED lights that create an enchanting ambiance, especially as the sun sets. The pool boasts a gently sloping floor, reaching a depth of up to 1.2 meters, making it perfectly safe and enjoyable for both children and adults. Alongside, there is a separate, shallower pool specifically designed for smaller children, ensuring a safe and fun environment for our youngest guests.

    The meticulously maintained changing rooms, lockers, and shower facilities are conveniently located adjacent to the pool area.

    For those wishing to lounge and soak up the sun, our pool area is equipped with luxurious reclining chairs, complemented by large umbrellas to provide shade and comfort. This setting is not just for leisurely swims; it's also an ideal venue for hosting vibrant pool parties and relaxed barbecues.

  • Colorful children's playground in the lush gardens of Barnochata, a family-friendly Dhaka hotel and resort in Savar.


    Our resort's children's playground area is a vibrant and joyful space, designed with the little ones in mind.

    At the heart of the playground are the swings, a perennial favorite among children. Our swings are sturdy and well-maintained, ensuring a safe and exhilarating experience for every child.

    Adjacent to the swings are the slides, another highlight of the playground. These slides are crafted in various sizes and shapes, catering to different age groups and thrill levels.

    For the younger children, we have rocking horses that are both adorable and safe.

    Benches and shaded areas are strategically placed around the playground, allowing parents and guardians to relax and watch their children play in a secure and delightful environment.

  • Charming library cottage at Barnochata, adorned with intricate mosaic art, set within the verdant grounds of a Dhaka hotel and resort in Savar.


    Escape into the world of books in Barnochata's dedicated library. This quiet sanctuary, housed in a separate building, offers a peaceful atmosphere for reading and working, complete with a dedicated internet line and comfortable seating for ten. Surrounded by an extensive collection of literature and equipped with cozy nooks, our library is the perfect retreat for contemplation and relaxation. Whether you're delving into a novel or catching up on work, the library provides a tranquil space to focus and unwind.

  • A cozy, green-painted shop and tea cottage nestled among the trees at Barnochata, a picturesque resort and Dhaka hotel in Savar.


    Explore the newest addition to Barnochata, our boutique store is a treasure trove of traditional Bengali fashion. It features a stunning collection of handcrafted clothing and accessories that reflect the rich cultural heritage and artisanal craftsmanship of the region. Alongside the exquisite apparel, you'll find a curated selection of home accessories, perfect for adding a touch of Bengali elegance to your living space. As an added delight, the boutique also hosts a cozy tea room, where you can unwind and savor a variety of aromatic teas in a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.

  • Sports

    Our resort features two large playing fields perfect for a variety of sports activities including basketball, volleyball, and badminton. For those seeking more adventure, we offer paid events like cycling and fishing. Whether you're looking for team sports or individual challenges, our facilities are equipped to provide a fun and active experience.

  • Centuries-old banyan tree at Barnochata, a lush resort and Dhaka hotel in Savar, providing a shaded gathering spot for guests.

    Banyan Tree

    The Banyan Tree area, centered around a majestic tree hundreds of years old, stands as the symbol of our resort. Its vast, shady canopy makes it an ideal spot for open-air events, providing natural cooling and a unique atmosphere during the hot summer months. This historical and natural marvel offers a memorable venue for gatherings, adding a touch of timeless beauty and tranquility.

  • Conference Centre

    Our Conference Centre area is an expansive, open-plan covered space designed to accommodate a large number of visitors. It's perfect for hosting a variety of programs, events, and gatherings, offering ample seating and a versatile environment to suit your specific needs. Whether for a corporate event, a large celebration, or a community gathering, this area provides the ideal backdrop for a successful and memorable occasion.